Test your fate, see your fate in this life

If you go to the supermarket today and the salesperson asks you to take a bite of the apple in the picture below, which color apple would you choose? Remember to ask friends to test together and cheer for each other!

A. Golden Apple

B. Red Apple

C、Green Apple

D. Blue Apple


Answer A

Golden Apple: acquired wealth and fate

Although you may not be born to be born rich, you have your own opportunity, and this opportunity allows you to find your own value, not only bringing glory and dignity, but also bringing the wealth you want. Sometimes the process will inevitably be setbacks and difficulties, or full of tests that make you want to give up, but as long as you believe in yourself, don't back down, work hard, and work hard, you will eventually get everything you want.

Answer B

Red Apple: Born to be rich

In your previous life, you should be regarded as a person who often donated money. Therefore, your wealth in this life has been accumulated very early. Before you can make money independently, you may have a very profitable father or mother, or even earlier. The generation already has a foundation, and there is no worries about food and clothing in life. And now, as long as you know how to keep your duty, be motivated and enrich yourself, don't be lofty, and soon you will be able to truly live a prosperous life.

Answer C

Green Apple: Life in your hand

You actually have a chance to become rich, but you know that when you are rich, there are costs associated with it. You may have to sacrifice time with your family and lover in order to improve your life. In fact, you think you can live a good life. It's like having your own small house with your beloved one. You don’t earn much in a month. It’s good to have a little savings when you travel a year. So in terms of your destiny, you have changed. The opportunity to become rich depends on whether you want to develop it.

Answer D

Blue Apple: A life that loves challenges

You are a tough, kind and smart person. Your personality has a competitive side. You are always unconvinced about the arrangements of fate. Assuming that your background is not good and the environment is not good, you will feel that you have the ability to change all of this. You are a person who refuses to admit defeat, and you feel that you will not lose to others. So no matter what, you will move towards your ideals and goals. In the end, you can create your own world and become a winner.

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